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Multicert ID is a free application for those who intend to manage your certificates and sign documents

It aims to be the "wallet" of Multicert´s certificates, which allows your customer to activate remote qualified certificates and sign in a simple and secure way.


The use of your certificate stays independent of hardware and software, by being able to sign your documents with legal value anywhere and at any time, on your smartphone.


In the Multicert ID application, the Multicert customer logs into his account, confirms his identity, checks the certificates he has associated and activates them with the pin, if necessary, and then he can start signing documents with the certificate selected for this purpose. If you do not have any certificate associated with your account, you can purchase a remote qualified certificate to then enjoy the benefits of the application.


This application is a mobile complement for Multicert's qualified digital signature services, which has in its PKI system, the maximum security and reliability, and is certified by the EU Trusted List according to the eIDAS regulation, in the compliance with the emission and validation rules of qualified certificates for digital signature.

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Multicert ID is your access to a world class experience using eIDAS qualified digital certificates.