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What distinguishes Multicert

Multicert's purpose


Ensuring Digital Identity, Security and Trust of Organizations, Systems and People. Anytime, Anywhere.



To be a reference company in national and international markets, where the excellence of our solutions and services add value to the customer, thus promoting a Secure Digital Society.  




TRUST – whenever there is the uncertainty of change, we guarantee trust.

With an inescapable and permanent presence in the daily lives of our customers and partners, we work to deliver an invisible trust relationship that works.  


INNOVATION – We are pioneers in anticipating trends.

Made of the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, we are permanently looking for new solutions that bring convenience to our daily lives, freeing up more time for what is essential.  


INTEGRITY – transparency and rigour with our partners.

We act with loyalty and justice, responsibility, and transparency to fulfil the defined missions and relationships with partners and stakeholders.  


EXCELLENCE – a commitment to doing always more and better  
Dedication and proactive attitude in delivering results individually and in the team. We always try to surpass the expectations of our customers and partners.

Multicert journey