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Digital Signature Certificates

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Representation Certificate

Legal Representative of an Entity
  • Qualified Digital Certificate of Representation
  • Indicated for: Identification of a legal representative of an entity/organization and respective powers of representation
  • Permits: Signing of documents containing the powers of representation over a given entity (equivalent to a power of attorney); sign on behalf on an entity/organization; be an attorney and/or legal representative of a non-digital entity; submit proposals on public procurement platforms.


Individual or Quality
  • Professional Qualified Digital Certificate (Individual or Quality)
  • Indicated for: Identification of a person and a company, or individual identification associated with a position/function in a company
  • Allows: Signing documents containing personal and company data: signing documents as manager/administrator of a company; submitting proposals on public contracting platforms with a permanent certificate and powers to bind the company.


Individual / Personal Signature
  • Qualified Individual Digital Certificate
  • Indicated for: Identifying a person, also valid for Individual entrepreneurs or not associated with an entity, and who do not intend to associate any attribute regarding position/function to the certificate.
  • Allows: to sign documents with legal value; to submit proposals on public contracting platforms, to sign documents at IMPIC/INCI and to the Court of auditors containing only personal data.

Electronic Seal

The digital "white seal"
  • Qualified Certificate for Digital Electronic Seal
  • Indicated for: a legal person, that is, for entities or organizations. Equivalent to the company┬┤s white seal, being the way to legally represent an entity in the digital world.
  • Allows: a company to sign invoices, documents, certificates, and other electronic declarations with legal value; the email signature on behalf of an entity.

Eletronic Invoice

Eletronic seal for this exclusive purpose
  • Qualified Digital Certificate of Exclusive Electronic Seal for Electronic Invoice
  • Indicated for: a legal person, that is, entities or organizations. Equivalent to the company┬┤s white seal exclusive for electronic invoices.
  • Allows: The management of electronic invoice signatures by third parties, whether accountants or invoicing programs.