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S-MIME Digital Certificate

Sign your emails with security

S-MIME Certification

Protect your email

Phishing remains one of the top cyber threats.


It is an email attack technique where the attacker aims to trick the victim into taking an action to gain access to information or a system. Currently, it is one of the main attack vectors.

By ensuring compliance and good information security practices, we advise you to protect your email and safeguard the sensitive information that is exchanged in this way with a digital certificate.


S/MIME digital certificates guarantee the authenticity, confidentiality, integrity, and non-repudiation of messages exchanged via email.


Using the S-MIME certificate


Protecting information provided by email from unauthorized access.


Ensuring authenticity through the reliable origin of the email, mitigating potential spear-phishing attempts.


Ensuring confidentiality by encrypting sensitive information


Ensuring content integrity by detecting and alerting on changes


Ensuring non-repudiation by attesting that the message sender is legitimate


To sign emails

To encrypt emails

Privacy when sending emails

S Mime

S-MIME is indicated when

  • I want to sign emails to prove my identity as a legitimate sender and company
  • I want to subscribe to emails to secure external transactions with customers
  • I want to subscribe to emails for communications with sensitive information between employees
  • I want to minimize the possibilities of phishing attacks
  • I want to preserve confidential data exchanged via email

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