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An exclusive Electronic Seal to sign your digital


Ensuring the integrity and unequivocally ensuring the identity of the entity issuing the electronic invoice.

Management of electronic invoice signatures by third parties, whether accountants or invoicing programs (ERP’s)

Issuance of few invoices and individual signature (put a PIN on each signature)

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When do I need an electronic invoice certificate

  • I want to sign invoices occasionally
  • I have an ERP and I need a certificate to sign a reduced number of electronic invoices 
  • I need my accountant to sign the invoices on behalf of my company


If the volume of invoices is low, it is recommended to purchase a token or smartcard (signature with PIN).

For a high volume of invoices, it is recommended to purchase a remote certificate (which you can integrate via API with your invoicing system) or own HSM. In these cases, the subscription is through another software.

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Signstash Assinatura De Faturas Eletronicas


Do you need an integrated service for electronic invoice signing?

Fatura Eletrónica e Assinatura Digital (SignStash)

What is the documentation required to issue this type of certificate?

  • Contract of the issuance of the certificate signed by the entity´s legal responsible person(s) (*)
  • Permanent Certificate, or equivalent documents (see here)
  • Cross-copy of identification documents (Identity Card, Credit Card, Passport,) of the entity´s legally responsible person

(*) Signed with:

  • Qualified electronic signature by the holder and legal representatives
  • Qualified electronic signature by the holder and electronic seal qualified by the Entity
  • Handwritten signature recognized in person by a lawyer, notary, or solicitor
  • Handwritten signature according to the identification document carried out in person at Multicert facilities.


What do I need to get the Certificate?

For more details, consult here the documentation needed to issue your Certificate and clarify your doubts regarding the acquisition and use of Digital Certificates.