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BANNER Pki Passaporte Eletronico Multicert

Electronic Passport

Advanced PKI Solutions for Electronic Passports.

IMAGEM Solucao Pki Passaporte Eletronico Multicert

The Multicert Passport PKI solution

Compliant with ICAO 9303 specifications, adapted and dimensioned to specific needs. For BAC/SAC protection level, this solution includes CSCA, data formatter in LDS structure and Document Signer.


For the next generation passports with EAC authentication, we provide CVCA and DVCA, compliant with BSI TR-03110.

Complementary options

PKD to publish certificates, CRL, master list and defects list. Publications can be done in a national service (n-PKD) or in the ICAO PKD.

SPOC for exchanging certificates with other countries, in accordance with the ČSN 36 9791 standard.

Terminal Control Center for complete integration between PKI systems and inspection systems (e.g., automatic gates, police mobile terminals, service stations in Embassies and Consulates, etc.)

Titulo De Residencia Pki Multicert

The Solution adapted to the Residence Permits

Several countries have used the Electronic Passport solution to issue a Residence Permit, in smartcard format, for foreign citizens who have been granted permission to stay in the country, thus allowing access to public services.

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